This is a non-exhaustive list of presentations that I have given.

technical papers



I’m currently working on a manuscript that focuses on application of data science to Institutional Research. This is trying to distill my experience on modeling and workflow into one reference. Still a work in progress, but the draft is below:

public comment

This section represents any public analysis that has been presented to any public bodies.


This sections represents public facing applications.


DeWitt et al., (2019). tidyqwi: A Tidy Approach to Accessing The US Census Bureau’s Quarterly Workforce Indicators. Journal of Open Source Software, 4(38), 1462,


FR Appl. No. 18/51018 filed 7 February 2018 (N/R 2017PAT00317FR) : Procede d’identifier, gerer et réincorporer les produits complexes comme les produits valorises (applied)

FR Appl. No. 18/51019 filed 7 February 2018 (N/R 2017PAT00431FR) : Systeme d’identifier, gerer et reincorporer les produits complexes comme les produits valorises (applied)