This is a non-exhaustive list of presentations that I have given.

technical papers



I’m currently working on a manuuscript that focuses on application of data science to Institutional Research. This is trying to distill my experience on modeling and workflow into one reference. Still a work in progress, but the draft is below:

public comment

This section represents any public analysis that has been presented to any public bodies.


This sections represents public facing applications.


Michael DeWitt, Mona Ahmadiani and Adam S. Hyde (2019). tidyqwi: A Convenient API for Accessing United States Census Bureau’s Quarterly Workforce Indicator. R package version 0.1.0.


FR Appl. No. 18/51018 filed 7 February 2018 (N/R 2017PAT00317FR) : Procede d’identifier, gerer et réincorporer les produits complexes comme les produits valorises (applied)

FR Appl. No. 18/51019 filed 7 February 2018 (N/R 2017PAT00431FR) : Systeme d’identifier, gerer et reincorporer les produits complexes comme les produits valorises (applied)