selected works

Working in private organizations limits what I can show publicly, but here are some publically available things that I can show.


  • DeWitt M , Wierzba TF. Automatic Case Cluster Detection Using Hospital Electronic Health Record Data. Biology Methods and Protocols. Published online March 15, 2023:bpad004. doi:10.1093/biomethods/bpad004

  • DeWitt ME, Tjaden AH, Herrington D, et al. COVID-19 Symptoms by Variant Period in the North Carolina COVID-19 Community Research Partnership, North Carolina, USA - Volume 29, Number 1—January 2023 - Emerging Infectious Diseases journal - CDC. doi:10.3201/eid2901.221111

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  • DeWitt, M. E., Herrington, D. M., & Sanders, J. W. (2023). Venous or Arterial Thrombosis in COVID-19 Cases in the North Carolina COVID-19 Community Research Partnership (NC-CCRP). Research and Practice in Thrombosis and Haemostasis, 100080.

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  • DeWitt ME, Polk C, Williamson J, Shetty AK, Passaretti CL, McNeil CJ, et al. Global monkeypox case hospitalisation rates: A rapid systematic review and meta-analysis. EClinicalMedicine 2022;54:101710.

  • Sampson MM, Polk CM, Fairman RT, DeWitt ME, Leonard MK, Davidson L, et al. Monkeypox testing delays: The need for drastic expansion of education and testing for monkeypox virus. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol 2022:1–2.

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  • Michael E. DeWitt, Christopher Scheib, Morgan Jones and Pamela Cowin North Carolina Medical Journal July 2021, 82 (4) 284-286; DOI:

  • Summers, Phillip, and Michael DeWitt. “Analysis of the Winston-Salem Public Transit System.” Virginia Policy Review, October 31, 2018.


Sam Abbott, Joel Hellewell, Katharine Sherratt, Katelyn Gostic, Joe Hickson, Hamada S. Badr, Michael DeWitt, Robin Thompson, EpiForecasts, and Sebastian Funk (2020). EpiNow2: Estimate Real-Time Case Counts and Time-Varying Epidemiological Parameters, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3957489

Sam Abbott, Nikos Bosse, Joel Hellewell, Katharine Sherratt, James Munday, Robin Thompson, Aurelien Chateigner, Sylvain Mareschal, Andrea Rau, Nathalie Vialaneix, Michael DeWitt and Sebastian Funk (2020). EpiSoon: Forecast Cases Using Reproduction Numbers. R package version 0.3.0.

DeWitt et al., (2019). tidyqwi: A Tidy Approach to Accessing The US Census Bureau’s Quarterly Workforce Indicators. Journal of Open Source Software, 4(38), 1462,

Bruno Castanho Silva and Michael DeWitt (2019). SCtools: Extensions for Synthetic Controls Analysis. R package version 0.3.0.

Working Papers

DeWitt ME, Sampson MM, Fairman RT, McNeil CJ, Polk CM, Passaretti CL, et al. Estimated Monkeypox Susceptible MSM Population in North Carolina 2022:2022.07.21.22277860.

DeWitt, Michael E. “Rapid Impact Analysis of B 1.1.7 Variant on the Spread of SARS-CoV-2 in North Carolina.” MedRxiv, February 9, 2021, 2021.02.07.21251291.

DeWitt, Michael E. “Automatic Contact Tracing for Outbreak Detection Using Hospital Electronic Medical Record Data.” MedRxiv, September 13, 2020, 2020.09.08.20190876.

technical papers

public comment

This section represents any public analysis that has been presented to any public bodies.


This sections represents public facing applications.


This is a non-exhaustive list of presentations that I have given.

  • Designing a Student Retention Model, North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities Institutional Research Directors Meeting, December 2018

  • Does My Instructor Look Like Me: A Multi-Institution Look at Implicit Bias in Grading, Southern Association for Institutional Research, October 2018

  • Comparing Two Groups: Effect Sizes, Wake Forest University Business Analytics Team, September 2018

  • Comparing Two Groups: T-Test, Wake Forest University Business Analytics Team, August 2018

  • Introduction to R, Wake Forest University Professional Development, March 2018

  • Overview of Distributions, Wake Forest University Business Analytics Team, February 2018

  • Measures of Central Tendency, Wake Forest University Business Analytics Team, December 2017

  • Graphing Different Kinds of Data, Wake Forest University Business Analytics Team, November 2017


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