Moving to Distill- Again

A long time ago, there was a new package called Radix. I used it to create my first R generated blog. Now I am rebooting to use its next generation version, Distill.


Michael DeWitt


May 7, 2021

This is just a short note to re-launch my blog. I want to try and write more for leisure and to process my thoughts. I always struggled with technical topics separated from general musings, so now I separated them.

A long time ago, there was a package called Radix. I saw it on JJ Allaire’s github, thought it was a pretty sleek blogging platform, so I made a radix based website. It worked great and I even made a few github issues. Then the project changed names from Radix to Distill, which was cool, but I didn’t migrate quickly enough and continued to blog using Radix. For a long time this didn’t matter, but all of a sudden, Distill got a lot more feature rich, so the marginal cost of the move got less and less, until finally it was time to migrate.

So here we are for as long as this format lasts. I will say, migrating the old posts over was super easy, so that shouldn’t worry anyone.



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