ggrough is a great package that can be used to make graphs that look hand-drawn. This can be a great aesthetic choice when giving presentations and making handouts.

Michael DeWitt

So I came across another ggplot2 package which I like. It bootstraps off of a javascript library called roughjs. I like that you can make graphs and charts that look handdrawn. This is a great feature when doing data communication. It makes the look less clinical which might be a good tactic when doing a data visualisation clinic where the focus is on the chart type and how it communicates.

Warm and friendly is a good approach when doing these types of trainings with graphical neophytes.

The package information is here

Some examples of their code are below:


count(mtcars, carb) %>%
  ggplot(aes(carb, n)) +
  geom_col() + 
  labs(title="Number of cars by carburator count") + 
  theme_grey(base_size = 16) -> p 

options <- list(
  GeomCol=list(fill_style="zigzag", angle_noise=0.5, fill_weight=2))
p2<-get_rough_chart(p, options)


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