Introduction to R

The goal of this repository is to introduce some topics to novice R users. Sometimes the most intimidating part of anything with a command line interface is starting. So let’s start with a constructive was of getting started.

Getting R

After you have installed all of them (in that order) open up R Studio! This will be your IDE or integrated development environment. RStudio has done an amazing job with all the features and has really made R into an enterprise ready solution.

Getting the Example Documents

The next step is pulling down these documents for use. This can be done by opening RStudio and then creating a new project

File –> New Project

From there you will select the Version Control feature to check checkout my infomation from github.

I use Git as my version control system so go ahead and select that option.

Now enter the following URL into the Repository URL field.

Select where you would like to put this collection of documents and then hit create project.

Now we’re off!

Introduction to R

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